CMBA Boxed Pairs 2024

Calling all badminton enthusiasts! Get ready to smash your way to victory in our exciting Badminton Boxed Doubles Competition, held weekly on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm to 10pm, starting on March 27th and running for 6 thrilling weeks. Gather your partner and join us for intense doubles action, where strategic plays and lightning-fast reflexes will reign supreme. With a competitive atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to showcase your skills, this is the ultimate chance to dominate the court. Entry is only $80 per person, so grab your racquets and sign up now for an unforgettable badminton showdown!

Don't have a partner, no worries, let us know if your are partner required and let us do the rest.

Entry closed on March 25th.

Week 3 Draw

Results So Far

For any inquiries, reach out to us at (09) 2998042 or You can also send us a message on

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Not Sure What Boxed Pairs Means?

A Boxed Pair badminton doubles competition involves teams of two players competing against other similar teams. In this format, teams are grouped at the beginning of the competition, sometimes randomly or based on skill level. Throughout the competition, each pair will play matches against other pairs within their designated group or division. The term "boxed" refers to the grouping or boxing of players into pairs or teams. Matches are typically played in a round-robin format, where each pair plays against every other pair in their group. Scores are tallied, and winners will advance to the next highest skill box group while the lowest scoring group may be religated to a lower skilled group. This format encourages teamwork, communication, and strategy as pairs work together to outplay their opponents and secure victory on the badminton court.